The Truth About Tea Bags: Should You Use Them or Not?

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Tea bags are frequently the boogeymen of the tea world. We speak about them plenty and also frequently recommend preventing them in favor of loose leaf tea. That does not mean they do not have an area in the tea world.

Tea bags are convenient, no mess choices that make developing tea faster and also easier. They are often preferred by individuals that are new to tea while commonly towered above by tea masters due to concerns with quality.

There is a lot of discussion bordering tea bags and also whether they are a great option when it comes to tea drinking. Here, we’ll show you the truth regarding tea bags and also exactly how you can use them to your benefit.

Advantages of Tea Bags


The main benefit of tea bags is that they are practical. It’s easy to stand out a tea bag into a warm mug of water or to-go cup and move on with the remainder of your day. There’s no fiddling about with tea tools or needing to wash extra recipes afterward. The helpful affixed string makes clean up very easy as you can just throw the tea bag into the garbage or compost pile.

No Mess

Another benefit of tea bags is that there is no mess. You merely eliminate the bag and also voila– a perfect cup of tea without mucking up the cooking area. If you have actually made use of loosened tea before, you know that you require a tea infuser or tea filter to remove the loose leaves. That indicates you’ll have extra equipment you require to cleanse. Tea bags take the problem out of making tea by simplifying the procedure.

Perfect for Iced Tea

Tea bags are specifically appropriate for making cold tea. Developing cold tea can be a large task, specifically if you’re adding in fresh fruit or flavorings. Brewing with tea bags makes the process less complex and also quicker so you can get on to various other prep work for a huge event or yard tea ceremony.

Downsides of Tea Bags

Don’t Include All Healthy Compounds

Unlike whole fallen leave teas, tea bags normally contain broken leaves, dirt, and also fannings created during the CTC or crush-tear-curl approach of production. The leaves are positioned into big rolling makers that break down whole leaves right into smaller sized items that match tea bags.

Unfortunately, this process leads to deterioration of the healthy and balanced substances such as such as l-theanine as well as antioxidants inherent to the tea plant that assist to detox as well as enhance general wellness.

Do Not Fully Infuse Flavor

One more issue with tea bags is that most of them are also small and they consequently constrict the tea leaves. Tea leaves launch flavor by expanding in water; when the fallen leaves are limited, they are unable to infuse the taste as well. This can cause a weaker cup of tea lacking the abundant taste of brewed loose leaf blends.

Obtaining the Most Out of Tea Bags

Even if tea bags have some drawbacks does not imply you can not utilize them. Consuming alcohol tea is everything about pleasure. If you’re in a rush as well as require to make use of a tea bag, go all out. Simply make certain to adhere to these guidelines to choose the very best tea bags that protect taste as well as aroma.

Big, Loosened Sachets

Since small tea bags cause substandard taste, using large sachets instead aids to minimize this disadvantage. Loose sachets make certain the leaves have plenty of room to expand and also instill taste. Pyramid formed tea bags are especially beneficial because the tea leaves are complimentary to float around both laterally as well as vertically.

High quality Construction

Try to find tea bags that are natural to avoid the alteration of tastes from chemicals. Tea bags that are warm secured are much better than those with steel staples as the metal can affect flavor. If you’re wanting to reduce waste, go with tea bags that don’t have excess covering or strings as well as tags.

High Quality Leaves

Whether you choose black tea bags, environment-friendly tea bags, or even powdered matcha eco-friendly tea, the quality of the fallen leaves makes all the distinction in developing. This holds true whether you intend on making a cup of tea making use of loose leaves or tea bags. You can additionally buy tea that is licensed fair profession to guarantee healthy and balanced working and expanding problems are developed.

Constantly purchase tea from a credible business to make sure the best flavor. The tea firm ought to plainly provide where the tea comes from and also exactly how it was grown. Teas grown in the Philippines will taste different than those grown in China or Africa. That results from terroir– the concept that climate, planet structure, and various other ecological variables impact flavor and also fragrance.

Fillable Tea Bags

Trying to find benefit but do not intend to sacrifice high quality or taste? Attempt T-sacs or other fillable tea bags! These filter-paper bags allow you to enjoy your favorite high-quality loose teas without the inconvenience of a steeper or filter. These tea bags are also terrific for easy cold brewing!

Tea Bag Decision

Tea bags are convenient as well as decrease the mess usually associated with typical brewing techniques. While we still advise utilizing loose leaf tea whenever feasible, you can utilize tea bags in a pinch.

Tea bags are fantastic when you remain in a rush and just don’t have time for cleaning. Make sure to select tea bags that are large enough to allow the leaves to completely increase and also instill taste. Choose tea bags that contain entire fallen leaves to get better flavor as well as wellness advantages.

When it boils down to it, the healthiest tea is the tea you consume. Don’t skip a hot cuppa just because you do not intend to take out the tea tools. Just pop in a high-quality, huge sachet tea bag as well as sip to your health.

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