The Psychology Behind Why We Care about Astrology

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If you enjoy astrology, you don’t just know your sun sign; you recognize your moon indicator, your rising indicator, as well as every little thing else in your astrological graph. You follow any astrology Instagram account you can find, and also your phone’s alerts are always illuminating with updates from your favorite astrology apps. There’s no rejecting that astrology is currently having a moment in the cultural zeitgeist.

But what is it regarding the messages in the celebrities that is so attractive, as well as why currently specifically? Verywell Mind brushed the researches as well as spoke to an astrologist who is also a psychologist to discover.

What Is Astrology?

Astrology is the research study of exactly how the placements of the stars and earths are thought to affect human lives. Babylonian astrology1 is thought to be the first organized system of astrology, beginning more than 2,000 years ago.

The Greeks strengthened the signs that we understand today around 280 BCE. There are also thought to be Chinese, Indian, and Egyptian impacts.

These are existing indications:.

Aries: March 21– April 19.

Taurus: April 20– May 20.

Gemini: May 21– June 21.

Cancer: June 22– July 22.

Leo: July 23– August 22.

Virgo: August 23– September 22.

Libra: September 23– October 23.

Scorpio: October 24– November 21.

Sagittarius: November 22– December 21.

Capricorn: December 22– January 19.

Aquarius: January 20– February 18.

Pisces: February 19– March 20.

The zodiac, a belt of the sky where the paths of the sunlight, moon, and planets are claimed to move, is separated into 12 constellations, each standing for approximately a month’s time, with the “year” starting at the North hemisphere springtime equinox.

Why Are We Fascinated in Astrology?

A rate of interest in astrology is, somehow, a coping device. Research3 has actually located a correlation between those experiencing severe crises (such as divorce or work loss) and an idea in astrology. It is believed that this is due to the fact that astrology stands for a prompt device that can be counted on for comfort.

Astrology Helps You Make It Through Difficult Times.

This is true on the macro level as well. Background shows4 that individuals are much more curious about astrology during turbulent times. Much more posts regarding astrology were released in the united state during the Great Depression in the 1930s in addition to in Germany in between the two world battles.

Similarly, this tracks with the current astrology boom in the wake of troubled political times and also the unpredictability of an international pandemic.

” I believe that astrology is having a peak moment due to the fact that a lot of the traditional organizations have actually stopped working to give a significance map for individuals,” says Jennifer Freed, PhD, a psychologist as well as astrologist. “Also, astrology, unlike those organizations, has been a place of welcoming for all people.”.

It Gives Us a Sense of Control.

An additional aspect is that astrology might attract those who perceive an external locus of control. A person who counts on an outside locus of control will credit outside pressures for both the good and also the poor– criticizing those forces if something fails and also crediting luck for success.

Therefore, astrology can be appealing to them because they believe it can provide a hit of all the best that may reinforce them to seek various other forms of inner reinforcement. It could likewise be that it is an impression of control.

It Serves as a Method to Understand Our Identification.

Astrology is likewise viewed as a way that one looks for recognition for their self-concept3– how they consider themselves.

Freed concurs, seeing it as a tool for people to utilize to “create their one-of-a-kind gifts and use it for confirmation and also inspiration.”.

It resembles having a fabulous rail down an exquisite staircase. You intend to walk down the stairs and take every action mindfully, if you have something actually strong to hang on to while you take your very own steps, this is an excellent trip.


Additionally, we are more likely, as humans, to remember the positive feedback5 that validates our self-conception, over negative responses. For this reason, it’s very easy to accept the uncertain as well as favorable facets of astrology.

The fact that it is based on personalized information6such as one’s birth day and birth area also offers astrology an additional level of integrity in some individuals’s eyes.

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