The Best Cannabis Strains for MigrainesMigraine Causes

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  • Allergies: These can be seasonal or perhaps allergic reactions.
  • Uneven Environments: This can include bright lights or loud noises. Party lights as well as also solid smells can cause migraine headaches
  • Tension: This can be any kind of sort of stress. Instances include job-related, anxiety, tension, and also physical stress and anxiety.
  • Rest: Tiredness, jet lag, or uneven rest can all lead to migraines.

Change of Diet plan: Some migraine sufferers assert that when they avoid a dish, consume excessive or inadequate of something (chocolate, nuts, bananas), it will cause the beginning of a migraine. Certain foods which contain tyramine (smoked fish, figs, beans) or nitrates (salami and bacon) are likewise known to trigger the pain.

best pressures for migraine headaches.

According to, 65% of chronic migraine sufferers reported that anxiety was a comorbidity.

Migraine Headache Treatments Marijuana as well as Traditional

Typical medications developed to treat migraine headaches consist of narcotics, anti-inflammatory medicines (aspirin or ibuprofen), triptans (Frova and also Imitrex), as well as ergots.

Let’s Discover Some Different Solutions

Information recommends that people have been using cannabis as a migraine therapy for many years yet is only now emerging. A marijuana study published by Skaggs School of Drug Store and also Drug Sciences at the College of Colorado lately revealed:

Out of 121 grown-up individuals, 40% of subjects reported favorable results.

The ordinary number of migraine headache frustrations lowered from 10.4 monthly to 4.6.

Do All Cannabis Pressures Have a Positive Impact on our Mind?

The response is no. Additionally, it is best to talk to your medical marijuana doctor before choosing the marijuana migraine therapy route. Some marijuana pressures might also have the contrary impact. They may cause your heart to race, initiating allergic reactions, and triggering signs that can cause a migraine headache.


If you struggle with migraine headaches as well as have accessibility to clinical cannabis, then maybe handy. But with many different marijuana pressures available, where is the very best location to start? The good news is, we have actually done the foundation for you. Below are the five ideal marijuana stress for instant migraine headache relief:

  • OG Kush Cannabis Strain
  • og-kush-marijuana-strain

This marijuana stress is fairly typical, and also consumers will certainly find it in nearly every dispensary. The reason that it goes to the top of our list is that it has powerful sedative effects. This cannabis pressure alleviates and additionally assists to combat signs related to migraines. OG Kush is a hybrid marijuana stress that can have approximately 20% THC. This pressure might help with pain, and also assist take your mind off your migraine.

Tips for Cultivating OG Kush Cannabis: Grower’s Overview

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Why Is the OG Kush Marijuana Stress Good For Migraine Headaches?

Due to its high THC levels, OG Kush can provide immediate relief. Likewise, its CBD content will certainly help to sustain decreasing the pain long-term. With this marijuana strain, it is critical to capture the migraine headache before it ends up being full-blown.

ACDC Cannabis Stress


This strain is an excellent selection for those that want a remedy but don’t want the extreme psychedelic impacts. ACDC is a high CBD strain that is sativa-dominant. ACDC has a 1:20 THC/CBD proportion, with CBD degrees that can reach as high as 19%. It is recognized for reducing swelling, which makes it effective at reducing the signs and symptoms of migraine headaches. ACDC is a wonderful cannabis service for combating anxiousness as well as clinical depression. In addition, as a result of its low THC content, a psychoactive high will seldom happen.

Why Is the Marijuana Pressure ACDC Good For Migraine Headaches?

ACDC is rich in CBD. It is a weird yet enjoyable cannabis pressure as well as has a pleasant as well as earthy aroma. It gives a delighted as well as tranquil sensation, which is excellent for treating chronic pains, such as migraines. Many individuals use this pressure to attend to stress and anxiety, seizures, nausea, growths, and also shakes.

Buffoon Marijuana Pressure


Buffoon is a 75% sativa-dominant hybrid that has a 5:2 CBD/THC proportion. It normally has approximately 4-7% THC and also 8-16% CBD. Buffoon generates a sensation of clear-headedness as well as performance, which might assist you survive your day. This cannabis stress is valuable for people who have high levels of pain associated with their migraine headaches. The reason for this is it has a balance of THC and CBD, that allows for great discomfort alleviation without an extreme high. Buffoon is likewise known to be loosening up yet non-sedating.

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