Feel the Love: Indulge Yourself with our Valentine’s Day Mocktails

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The Day of Love has actually gotten here and whether you are celebrating real love or vanity, our company believe that everybody deserves a wonderful reward today. To this end, we gathered all the love we have for our little tea neighborhood as well as put it towards developing three pleasantly self-indulgent mocktails making use of several of our preferred teas. Keep reading to discover the tastes of romance!

The Sweetheart

The best marital relationship of sweet and also sharp, this fruity mocktail integrates cranberry, strawberry, as well as raspberry flavors for a very simple delicious beverage with unexplored depth. The Sweetie is caffeine-free and also guarantees to thrill your taste buds!


1 tbsp Berry Blast

1 tbsp Par Amour

10 ounces water

1.5 ounces Raspberry syrup or easy syrup


Steep infusion of Berry Blast as well as The same level Affair making use of an Ingenuitea or favored teaware for 5 minutes at 212 ° F/100 ° C. Establish brewed tea apart till cooled to area temperature.

Fill alcoholic drink shaker 1/3 full of ice and also in it integrate natural infusion and taste or basic syrup

Strain right into a cooled martini glass as well as garnish with fresh raspberries or strawberries

Nutty Concerning You

The existing subzero temperatures here in Minnesota have us reaching for our preferred hot mocktail of the season. The Nutty for You mocktail is characterized be scrumptious nutty flavors as well as is sweet with simply a hint of spice.


.75 tbsp Chestnut

.75 tbsp Honeybush Hazelnut

12 ounces water

2.5 tsp spicy cinnamon honey


Steep Chestnut and also Honeybush Hazelnut at 212 ° F/100 ° C for 5 minutes. Strain infusion right into your preferred stein or cup

Mix in honey mixture

Spicy Cinnamon Honey

This spicy sweet dish produces a special honey that can make use of made use of in tea or coffee or as a tasty polish for various other recipes.


2tbsp local honey

1/2tsp cinnamon

dash of cayenne pepper to preference


Mix honey with a percentage of boiling water to thaw

Stir in cinnamon and also cayenne pepper until combined

Delicious Chocolate French Kiss

In keeping with the theme of treating yourself, we created the Delicious chocolate French Kiss just for you. A dessert drink of the highest possible order, this mocktail offers a decadent combination of delicious chocolate as well as nuts sure to sweeten your day. This mocktail is also antioxidant-rich because of the addition of rooibos in the tea base and also will certainly give you the caffeine increase you require to get through the day!

1 tablespoon Faux Cocoa

1 tablespoon Chestnut

6 ounces water

1 ounce cream or compromise

1.5 ounce delicious chocolate syrup


Steep tea combination at 212 ° F/100 ° C for five minutes

Fill up a rocks glass with ice and strain infusion over it

Mix in lotion and also delicious chocolate syrup

Garnish with hazelnuts or a square of chocolate

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