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If you are beginning a complete fluid diet plan, you can anticipate to consume only fluids or foods that transform liquid at room or body temperature level. There are numerous reasons why your doctor may advise a fluid diet regimen– for example, if you are having digestion troubles or are planning for a colonoscopy.

This article reviews the dangers and advantages of liquid-only diet plans as well as reasons doctors sometimes suggest them. It also consists of a checklist of foods you can and also can not have as part of a complete fluid diet regimen.


Your physician might prescribe a liquid-only diet regimen if you are having trouble ingesting (dysphagia) or chewing strong food. You may also need to begin this diet regimen if you are at danger of choking or breathing in food fragments into your airways (aspiration) when you eat.

Your medical professional may recommend a full fluid diet plan if you have missing teeth, open wounds, or stitches in your mouth. Staying with a fluid diet up until these have closed will permit your mouth to heal as well as avoid food bits from obtaining embeded openings as well as creating infection.1.

On top of that, not needing to chew pieces of food can help reduce pain after a recent oral procedure or jaw injury.

If your gastrointestinal system is slow or harmed from disease, condition, or surgery, being on a fluid diet plan while you heal can help take care of pain and avoid difficulties, like a clog in your intestinal tracts (digestive tract blockage).

If you’re preparing to have a test or imaging treatment to see inside your stomach and also intestinal tracts, you may require to be on a fluid diet for a day or more ahead of time. This will make sure that no undigested food is left in your intestinal (GI) tract, which could affect the results.

You might additionally require to be on a fluid diet regimen to prepare for medical procedures that require you to be under basic anesthesia. Having just clear fluids prior to surgical procedure lowers the risk of choking or vomiting up undigested stomach components when your muscles are immobilized by anesthesia.

Clear fluids, like water and apple juice, leave the stomach promptly– within 10 to 20 mins after they are consumed. Solid foods typically take in between 24 to 72 hrs to digest.

Exactly how It Works.

The complete liquid diet allows you to have clear fluids in addition to thicker ones, like milk, fruit juice, trembles, and healthy smoothies. Your medical professional may additionally provide you authorization to have various other foods, like yogurt or puréed fruits, so long as there are no lumps or strong pieces.

These will certainly be your only options while on a full liquid diet regimen, which can make it hard to get enough nutrients as well as calories every day. You will certainly need to follow your medical professional’s guidelines very closely to see to it you are still getting all the nutrients your body needs.

A signed up dietitian or nutritionist can be a valuable source, particularly if you have extra food allergies or nutritional constraints.


The full fluid diet is typically recommended for just a couple of days to help you change back to your regular diet plan. It’s rarely used for longer than two weeks.

Exceptions may be created individuals that are getting ready for bariatric (weight loss) surgical treatment, recouping from a fractured jaw, or who use the diet regimen to handle flare-ups of certain health and wellness problems, like Crohn’s disease.

Because of its limiting nature, you should be carefully kept an eye on by your doctor when on a complete liquid diet regimen for greater than a couple of days.

What to Eat.

You’ll have your choice of drinks on a full liquid diet regimen. With the right tools, you can also make numerous strong foods diet-friendly. Melting, thinning, straining, or puréeing fruits, veggies, cheese, and even meat can aid you remain nourished and also completely satisfied.

The complying with compliant foods are allowed in a full fluid diet. Non-compliant foods are not permitted because they are solid or their structures are as well thick as well as bumpy.

Certified Foods.

Vegetables and fruit juice (no pulp).


Soft drinks.

Sports beverages, electrolyte-replacement drinks.

Coffee, tea.

Milk or dairy-free milk choices (soy, almond).

Milkshakes, malts, healthy smoothies.

Clear or creamy soups (thinned, stressed, no solids).

Honey, syrup, sugar.

Jelly, dessert, custard.

Ice stands out, gelato, ice cream, sorbet (no nuts, sweet, strong toppings/coatings).

Yogurt (normal or Greek; no granola, seeds, fruit portions).

Melted cheese.

Powdered healthy protein, completely dry milk, various other dietary supplements.

Liquid nutritional supplements (Ensure, Glucerna, Boost).

Non-Compliant Foods.

Meat (unless puréed, thinned, as well as stressed).

Tofu, meat substitutes.

Nuts and also seeds.

Raw vegetables and fruits.

Solid cheese.

Soft or mashed food (e.g., potatoes).

Soups or stews with noodles, meat, or vegetables.


Whole pasta or rice.

Grains, granola, oats.


Potato chips, biscuits, pretzels, snacks.

Muffins, cakes, cookies, breads.

Hard or chewy candy.

All other strong foods unless specifically authorized by your healthcare provider.

Juices: Fruit and vegetable juice is permitted on a complete liquid diet plan as long as it has actually been strained to get rid of any kind of solids (like pulp). You may require to avoid any type of high-fiber juice such as prune juice entirely. Making your very own juice with a high-speed blender or food processor or juicer permits you to manage the thickness. Or, pour the juice with a mesh filter or tea filter to get rid of residue.

Veggies: Mashed potatoes and also various other types of vegetable mash are normally not accepted yet can be if they are adequately thinned. You can mix them with butter, gravy, or sauces, season to taste, and also thin with water or broth. They should be no thicker than a shake when you’re done.

Grains: Prepared grains can be thinned with water or milk, after that stressed. Farina as well as rice grain are also very easy to thin this way. If you’re attempting to include nourishment, prepare your cereal with entire milk or creamer instead of water or skim milk.

Milk: Milk or lactose-free options are accepted. Consume your favored by the glass and/or include it to smoothie mixes and also shakes for added nourishment. Powdered milk can be contributed to grains, soups, and also eggs to improve protein.

Yogurt as well as cottage cheese: Normal yogurt works well as a base for sweeter-tasting liquid meals, and also Greek yogurt can be an excellent base for more full-flavored recipes. Cottage cheese is very easy to mix into a liquid meal as well as most shredded cheese will melt conveniently with a little warmth.

Butter: While you’re restricted to a complete liquid diet regimen, usage butter or margarine as usually as you can to include calories and fat to your meals.

Healthy protein: Meat is approved as long as it’s the uniformity of child food. Mix meat with potato flakes and milk before or after cooking to provide it the best consistency for a fluid diet regimen.

Nut butter: Nut butter is a great source of healthy and balanced fats and healthy protein that can be easily included in shakes or shakes.

Eggs: Eggs, egg whites, or egg replacements can be prepared soft and mixed into a fluid dish.

Dessert: Gelato, frozen yogurt, and also ice pops that melt at area temperature are authorized on a liquid diet plan as long as they do not have nuts, candy, or other hard items. Jelly mugs are allowed as-is. Puddings and also custards can be thinned to a liquid consistency with milk. If you need to include calories, try covering gelato, dessert, malts, or milkshake or smoothies with fruit that is thoroughly combined with whipped lotion.

Drinks: Any kind of clear broths, pulp-free juices, or various other drinks are approved on a complete fluid diet regimen. You can make use of milk, half-and-half, as well as non-dairy creamer to add calories to coffee or tea. Other warm drinks like cider, chai, as well as milk-based espresso drinks are also accepted as long as they do not include strong pieces such as delicious chocolate flakes or mulling seasonings.

To ensure you’re properly nurtured as well as hydrated, goal to consume a minimum of 64 fluid ounces by the end of each day.

Recommended Timing.

One difficulty of a liquid diet regimen is recognizing whether you have actually consumed sufficient nourishment on an offered day. As a basic rule, have enough to feel satisfied.

That claimed, if you have particular digestion conditions or are recovering from disease or surgical treatment, it’s not uncommon to really feel full swiftly. The pain might set in before you’ve absorbed adequate calories to be completely nourished.

Start by consuming alcohol as much as you pleasantly can every 15 mins. Try taking sips from a little glass rather than trying to consume alcohol bigger quantities in one sitting. You may require to intend your fluid dishes as typically as six to eight times a day.

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